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Incident reporting is important in ensuring that everyone has an accurate picture of where concerns are and where we’re getting it right.

Health services need a system that is quick and easy to use and captures complete and accurate information. The current VHIMS isn’t quick and easy to use and it does not support sharing of information across Victoria.

VAHI, has been working with an advisory group comprising health service chief executives, directors of medical services, quality directors and interstate experts to develop a range of interim and long-term strategies to improve Victoria’s approach to the collection and reporting of incident and feedback information.

Introduced in 2009, the Victorian Health Incident Management System (VHIMS) is a standardised dataset designed to collect data relating to incidents, near misses and patient feedback in Victorian public health services.

Long-term strategy

The long-term strategy for VHIMS has three main elements:

  • The VHIMS Central solution: To replace the current VHIMS Central arrangements (used by 50 small public health services, such as bush nursing, community health and other small services), an ‘in-house built system’ will be developed by the Department by 30 June 2018 and implemented thereafter. It will also serve as a data warehouse where incident and feedback data from all Victorian public health services will be stored for statewide reporting.
  • Victorian Incident and Feedback Dataset (VIFD): It is anticipated that a new minimum dataset to collect patient and staff incidents, hazards and feedback will be developed with the sector and key stakeholders commencing April 2018. The Department will require services to collect and submit the VIFD during 2019–20.
  • Statewide tender for suppliers of incident management systems: For the remaining health services, which fund their own VHIMS arrangements, VAHI will work with Health Purchasing Victoria (HPV), to establish a panel of appropriate suppliers. It is anticipated this tender will conclude 2018-2019, with these health services selecting a preferred supplier to collect the new VIFD.


Interim reporting arrangements 

To support system oversight, the interim reporting arrangements have been designed and established to support the collection of a minimum dataset from the current VHIMS for state-wide reporting. Victorian public health services are submitting an extract each quarter to the Department’s Secure Data Exchange (SDE).

VAHI tested and designed the new streamlined process in 2017. The new collection process will enable VAHI to provide health service board members, executives, clinicians as well as SCV and the Department, with state-wide incident information for the very first time.

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Page last updated: 22 Mar 2018

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